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Posted by Februar 10, 2018 in News

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit,

those are the first words from the German national anthem and they are a good start for entering this post.

Many of you already knew that we as OctapuzZ were part of the first BFNations clan tournament, which we unfortunately didn’t won, but our friends from 2eZy. Since we specialized our teams for close quarters gameplay, big range maps are not what we would call a „Happy Meal“ and we slightly missed the top three by entering the #4th place out of 16 teams. Anyway, back to topic.

BFNations had a lot of planing an organization in the background running. With that, they created the tournament and match schedule for 2018, where the focus is back on the battles between nations again. Even if it’s been quiet around us in the past, OctapuzZ is still holding some of Germanys top-tier players and we were asked, if we or certain players are willing to join the official German national carders.

We don’t want to bore you with the players, which are going to play and it’s also not necessary to highlight them one by one since everyone is performing individually for #TeamOcta, so lets get in to business:

BFN 2018: COMPETITIVE TIMELINE (Source: https://www.bfnations.com/articles/competitive-timeline-2018 )

The first tournament is taking place from Feb. to March and is titled with „MCOMFEST“. You don’t need to have a  masters degree in word interpretation to know, that this is going to be a Rush tournament. Well… Didn’t I just mentioned „Happy Meal“ somewhere else? Indeed, however our players are no longer affected by the circumstance of one-sided specialization of everybody trained for close range combat. The carder consists of many other players from certain teams as well, really enjoying to see some of the best German CQ players here! You can go on by reading the official article for further information concerning this tournament.

However, the sad side of live is always behind the next corner and we were a bit disappointed, seeing our main-mode 5v5 Domination at the very last month of 2018, when the next Battlefield (#fingerCrossForBC3) will be already out. Anyway, we are still looking forward to this tournament, to withdraw the embarrassment of the last years domination world championship.

We are really proud to have members in every German team of BFN. With that said, we are part of the A- and B-Teams of T5, T8 and T12 game modes and willing to give our all very best to get Germany to the first place in every upcoming tournament.


Cheers lads,

thank you for reading. In the upcoming days we will announce some more information about the course of events of Octa .