1# DeSBL Division Green – Master League Qualification

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We did it again!

So OctapuzZ Red just reached the DeSBL German Master League this month. The summer league consists of three divisions, which were created by coincidence
without any eye on skill levels.
We were able to beat every opponent with a 6:0, except for PSI. These guys won one round and got the last round free, since we had to play the NGT finals. You can read more about the NGT CUP here: #1 NGT Fastcup Summer

We really hope for a good league start and fair matches. Our first opponent will be para bellum, which are a befriended team!


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Our matches, we played this season:

05.06.2017 21:00 Uhr

OctapuzZ Gaming Red (8Pz) vs.

Gepflegte Herrenrunde


16.06.2017 20:30 Uhr

Berlin47 vs.

OctapuzZ Gaming Red (8Pz)


22.06.2017 20:00 Uhr

OctapuzZ Gaming Red (8Pz) vs.



30.06.2017 21:00 Uhr

 Galaxy Esports  vs.

OctapuzZ Gaming Red (8Pz)


16.07.2017 20:00

OctapuzZ Gaming Red (8Pz) vs.

Unleashed (PsI)


14.07.2017 22:30 Uhr

OctapuzZ Gaming Red (8Pz) vs.

Sicario Gaming (SBG93)

6:0  ( doged )

21.07.2017 21:00 Uhr

Grabenkämpfer vs.

OctapuzZ Gaming Red (8Pz)

0:6 ( doged )

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