1# NGT FastCUP Summer ’17

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We are proud to announce our first victory in an international cup!

The CUP was organized by NextGenTournaments a well known organizer for competitive cups on PS4 and PC. One interesting thing about the cup was the so called looser bracket in addition to the main bracket. The looser bracket allows each team to loose one match in the main bracket without being kicked out of the cup and to keep the opportunity to become winner of the cup.

After one loss against the OeG guys we managed to get to the finals and fight against team Gnatix. Those guys were the tournament’s favorites and without question they are one of the strongest teams on the battlefield out there on PS4. However, we managed to win 2:1 and our own community was as happy as we were! You can find the results here: 1st final NGT 8Pz vs. Gnx  and here ( Jul 15, 2017 ): 1st final NGT 8Pz vs. Gnx

[spoiler title=’Secret don’t open‘ style=’default‘ collapse_link=’true‘]We played with ESB server and player rules! A fact may are missing 😉 This was an agreement between 8Pz and GnX[/spoiler]

Did we won the tournament at this point? Unfortunately not because it was Gnatixs first loss and as I wrote above somewhere, every team have a free loss. So we had to rematch again one day later. This time the match was also streamed and got may views live and afterwards. However, also we are glad somebody streamed it, the first streamer was not that good at all and very uninformed as well. The second streamer didn’t spoke a word. As far as we know both were sleeping when they were asked to stream the match. You can watch the match here: YouTube NextGen 2nd final 8Pz vs. Gnx. Anyways. Back to topic.

The second match was as hard as the first one was, however we managed to win 2:0! You can find the results here: 2nd final NGT 8Pz vs. Gnx and here ( Jul 16, 2017 ): 2nd final NGT 8Pz vs. Gnx This was it, our first win in an international cup! You can get all information you need again here: Cup information

The official announcement from NGT

[…] So let us celebrate the team of [8Pz] OctapuzZ Gaming that stumbled once in the beginning, yet made it to the very Final, making its way through the Losers bracket!

In the Final, glorious [8Pz] came together in a combat with Gnatix eSport and made it through as winners. Then, they defeated [GnX] again in the Grand Final and became kings of the Fast-Cup hill „Summer 2017. Domination 5v5“.

So let us congratulate the team of OctapuzZ Gaming on their victory, Gnatix eSport on the well-deserved second place; and let us thank everyone for participation and for assistance in organizing and conduct of the tournament! […]



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