1st in German Kings Cup

Posted by November 20, 2017 in News

Hey folks!

So we managed to win another German cup. This time the cup, with the first ever price money here in Germoney ( woho! ), was organized and planed by a German team called „German Code Zero“ which is long for GCZ!

Those guys did an awesome job! They encountered some issues and stumbled over problems, which is normal for organizing the first time. As far as we know, the price was first 175€ and not 75€ which is it now. This is because some members left the team and with them their only main sponsor. In the end GCZ had to do get the money by grabbing in their very own pockets to raise at least awesome 75€!

The cup was organized over discord and some google docs tables. However this was okay. We managed to get our way to the top of the hill by defending the now second placed team German Fight Machines aká GFM and the now third placed team Gepflegte Herrenrunde aká GHR.

Official Facebook from GCZ:

Dear Community and dear participants of our Ultimate German Kings Cup in Battlefield 1! We are pleased to announce that our cup has reached a great conclusion a few days ago. Congratulations to the following clans for their placements and wins!

1st place: OctapuzZ Gaming (5×15€)
2nd place: German Fight Machines (5×10€)
3rd place: Maintained men’s round (5×5€)

We would also like to thank you for the numerous participants and we hope you had a lot of fun? PS: The winning codes will be handed out within the next week.

Translated with: https://www.deepl.com/translator 


Whats next?

Another cup ended and the next cup / season started. Currently we are playing in BCL, which just started their third season, BSL, which is still in progress of group phases, the second season of the PLG Cup, the autumn season of the German Bundesliga DeSBL and of course in the BFN Clan Divisions! Unfortunate we have not as many scrims as we used to have some month ago. This is because most of the teams didn’t want to play against us anymore. However, for every problem you can find a solution and we are working on it!

Ah! And did we told you already about our own cup? 😉