1st WIN OctapuzZ Blue

Posted by Dezember 27, 2017 in News

Hey Folks!

We have awesome news! As most of you know, OctapuzZ comes with two teams. Team Red, one of the most known teams out there in Battlefield 1 besides some other teams and our Team Blue! Team Blue had some issues in the past with some old members and team leaders without dedication. That’s one of the reasons it never gained the attention and strength in the past, which it should had to get. BUT! Now they reached the first step into the spotlight and we really hope that they can keep track of what they have started.


Peno asked KorteE ( you can read more about him on the team blue member page, linked on the main page ) if he can give some feedback on how the cup was going on for them. Here is what he said:

How time flies again… We as OctapuzZ Blue with a relatively new team, daring to have our first bigger cup. Everyone was all the more pleased that we were able to successfully contest the cup after an exhausting day for us.

After some initial starting difficulties against Berlin47 in the preliminary rounds, we were able to prove our skills on the final day the 2nd of December 2017, we can assert ourselves again. After two opponents in a row, initially Dead Devils and then GHR Black,  we found ourselves in the final match against Berlin47. Everyone from Team Blue was highly motivated and full of elan to give his best. There were two tough rounds in which Berlin47 were very strong. However we could prove that they will not win a second time, which they did some times before the match. In the end the victory was ours!!

Last but not least, we would like to express our thanks and praise for the GHR-Cup and all participants.
We all had a lot of fun!

See you soon on the battlefield
Your OctapuzZ-KorteE!

The text from KorteE was translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator.

The prices

The more you know. GHR managed to have some prices too in their first ever made cup. Since the chance of tournaments and cups with prices are as rare as shiny a Charizard card back in the early 2000’s ( Pokémon fans will relate to this ), this was a great touch and very welcomed by the community! These are the prices, to win:

  1. 5x Tripple A Shocks
  2. A bunch of energy drinks
  3. 5x Default Aim-Stick… thinks ( no clue what it’s called, sorry! )

GHR also had announced the win on their FaceBook page, so make sure you will check it out. In addition you can find the streaming links for the cup games in that post, which I will not show here. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/GepflegteHerrenrunde/posts/297246604103515

Where was OctapuzZ Red?

Well, this post should only highlight information concerning Team Blue, but for the guys wondering why Team Red was not part of the tournament: They simply didn’t want to join this cup. Also, it doesn’t matter anymore, since one OctapuzZ team got the victory and it is equal to us, which team did it.

Fun Fact

GHR stands for Gepflegte Herrenrunde, which is translated to „Well maintained men’s round“! Always grin, when I look it up 🙂


Sorry for the delay of publishing!! There is also new content on the stack to release as soon as possible. New members, new cups, national team and more! So stay tuned and always appreciate your reading.