Posted by Penomatikus 7. March 2017 in NEWS

The German Bundesliga for Battlefield 1 on the PS4 just started on 5th June 2017. Of course OctapuzZ Gaming joined with both teams, to show our strength and looking for one of the first three places.

The Bundesliga was split into three so called divisions. Each division has seven to eight Teams playing against each other. Our team red is playing in division „green“ and our team blue is playing in division „red“. Wow so much colors.

Teams in division „green“:

  • Psycho Intelligence 1
  • Gepflegte Herrenrunde 1
  • OctapuzZ Gaming Red
  • Berlin47
  • German Fight Machines
  • Smash Brothers Germany
  • Grabenkämpfer
  • Galaxy eSpots

Teams in division „red“:

  • Viruzz Raptorzz
  • Psycho Intelligence 2
  • OctapuzZ Gaming Blue
  • German Hellraiser Elite
  • Storm.Pro
  • German Infantery Squad
  • Sovjet Brothers
  • Gepflegte Herrenrunde 2

There is also a third division, however none of our team are playing there, so it is not further mentioned here.

The first and second team of each division will be able to enter the master league, which will hold the six best domination clans from Germany!

You can find all information about the German Bundesliga at: