Fortnite! 1st and 3rd DeSBL

Posted by April 13, 2018 in News

Hey folks!

So, did you heard about us in the past? Not really I guess, since we ended our Battlefield live time quite a while ago now. BUT, as some of you know, we are working on certain things in the background, to become a real gaming organisation, not like most of the orgas out there you know ūüö©

Fortnite teams

Our first goal was and still is bringing up new teams to play for us. This happend first with Fortnite now. Our ClockHQ assumed responsibility for the team lead and managed to create a really well performing 2v2 team with our new old member SLeuft! SLeuft was a trial member in OctapuzZ Blue, our second Battlefield team back then. However he didn’t passed the trial time and left us, just to become full member within our new Fortnite OctapuzZ Team Back!

Besides him, our well known member Deluxe and another Team Red player, our ambitious member Iron, joined the Fortnite team as well! Both will be able to play soon in 2v2 or 1v1 tournaments.

The last and in this post the second most interesting news to our Fortnite team is, we have our first PC master race player in our roaster! His name is CroniX and he is a really talented PC player. With KorteE and Peno knowing him also besides gaming, KorteE asked him if he want to join our team and some days later he decided to stay with us. He is now building up his PC team and brings a lot of experience to the team. You can also subscribe to his Twitch channel.

Double top three in German Bundesliga

As I wrote, ClockHQ and SLeuft are playing together as a 2v2 team in Fortnite. With that, they entered late in the 2v2 DeSBL Cup, while SLeuft managed to subscribe in time to the 1v1 cup. Late because, they had the luck to get a free slot, after all 256 team-slots were taken and some very few got kicked out before the cup started. Both cups were played via single elimination.

Since there is no released tournament ready Fortnite client or server, the rules were as simple as possible. You and your opponent squad up in a four-player team. The first round the opponents jumping out at the very beginning of the island and we need to jump of at the very end of the island. Now both teams just need to farm as much kills as possible and video record every kill as an evidence. After the first round is over, the teams need to switch the jump-out areas and gonna farm kills again. The team with the most kills in the end wins.

Both cups came to an end without any bigger issues. Both played solid and¬†deliberate. Unfortunately SLeuft¬†narrowly lost in the semifinals but came back with a solid win in his last game to become 3rd in the 1v1 Cup with also 256 teams as well. However he could claim the 2v2 cup for team OctapuzZ with ClockHQ. Starting with 13 to 15 kills, the first round was able to wear one’s nerves out but in the end, we won a solid 29 to 16 kills!


Congratulations! Here are the official statements of the German Bundesliga:

Interview with Clock and SLeuft

Hey guys! Congratulations! I am very satisfied with the result of both of your tournaments! So for the readers out there, was this your first tournament in Fortnite so far?

Clock: Speaking for the the 2v2 team, yes our first official one, after participating in an MLG tournament a few weeks ago. However unfortunately we got kicked out in the first round due to the hosting problems in Fortnite at that time.

SLeuft: Speaking for 2v2, indeed. Speaking about the 1v1, this tournament was my first that lasted several days. Smaller ones I have already played where I think I finished also third 3 times in international cups.

Great, so what did you expect from the tournament Clocki?

Clock:¬†Not really expectations, as it is difficult to „design“ an esport feeling in a Battle Royale game. However, the difference to other leagues was, that instead of one round, two rounds were played. You start first at the very beginning of the island and in the second round you are flying to the end of the island, where the other team needs to jump off in round one. Of course this offered the chance to do more kills and not everything was decided by bad luck with the loot you find.

How about you SLeuft? Any expectations on the tournament?

SLeuft: Speaking for both,¬†I wanted to get as far as I could. To be honest, I didn’t expect to get that far, because of the overwhelming amount of other teams or players. (laughs)

So you did a great job in becoming 3rd in the 1v1 cup. Are you satisfied with that as well?

SLeuft: Top 3 is already cool but when I remember how the opponent has played, I should have been first in any case. So no, in the end I would say, that I am not 100% satisfied with the outcome. But anyway, top 3 is a hell of a place in a 256 opponents cup!

Got you. Do you guys have anything to say about the final?

Clock: The final was very exciting in any case, in the first round the opponents led with 2 kills, in the second round they died directly at the beginning and so we could slowly play it out. But even if they would have been not died, I am sure we would have won anyway. (laughs) No, it was a good final, bad luck for our opponents in the second round. But this is what Fortnite is about, you also need to have luck with the loot in the beginning. The worse the loot in the beginning the more challenging the game becomes and only a good player can make the best out of this situation.

SLeuft: Yeah, it feels like shit to lose the first round and catch up. When the opponents were already dead, we were also surrounded by two teams, in the need of getting kills to win the final, since we had not enough of them at this time. Without ammunition for our good rifles, we only had a crappy shotgun. Luckily we got the first pushing team with that crappy thing directly with one-shots and thus secured our victory.

Yes, I saw that too in the stream! It was indeed a dangerous situation! So the final question for both of you as a 2v2 team: What would be the best-of-path you want to take in the future?

SLeuft:It would be great to make us famous in Fortnite and if we could recruit even more hornier players in the future to win even more tournaments. Luckily we already found CroniX! In the end our main goal would be to make Octa becoming all known throughout Europe. I think we could reach that, if we keep track of improving our skill and teamplay!

Clock: There is nothing to add I guess. In any case, we will continue to participate in tournaments, defend our title, and also participate in international tournaments.

Sounds awesome! I wish you and us the very best for reaching this goals! So Clock, we’ve already talked a couple of weeks and nearly month ago about how you see yourself in the future, since Battlefield might not be an option anymore soon. Now, when you successfully got the first important win with the Fortnite team, is winning the DeSBL worth much to you, since it is only national?

Clock: Of course! The first step towards competitive Fortnite has thus been taken. Now we know, where we can get, if we keep track on improving our team play and skill, as SLeuft already said. Besides other platforms, the DeSBL is one the biggest German eSports leagues for multigaming on console. Therefor it is great to have a DeSBL trophy now!