Four Cups and One Prize Money

Posted by September 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hey folks!

Just a small update from us. We are taking part at four cups this late summer at the same time. While still in the German Bundesliga, we entered a second German cup from a clan called „German Code Zero“. They decided to make their very own cup but using the same rule set as the German Bundesliga. The cup is called „German Kings Cup“ and the winner will get a prize money of a total 5x 35 Euro PSN cards. Even the second and third place will get some prize money. You can read more about the cup at their Facebook page: 

In addition we are entering the all known Battlefield Community League knockout phase. Some of you are wondering why we are back in BCL and even wondering why we couldn’t reach the knockout phase. We don’t want any cringe or hate, all we can tell is, that we are still cool with everyone. At this point also a big thank you to AL_Sawyer, which might be one of the best cup admin’s we encountered while playing as OctapuzZ Gaming.

At last, we are now taking place in the Battlefield Super League group phase. We messed up the registration process at the very beginning and didn’t got a slot afterwards. Today AeoN got out of the cup and we got lucky by taking place at their slot! Thanks to TugsyWaffle from BSL for the good support as well!

Alright lads, we’re hoping to get first in all four cups! Stay with us and have a good one!