German Master and BCL Season II

Posted by Oktober 6, 2017 in News

What a summer

How are you going so far? Well, we feel great about what happend this summer so far. Not only we became the title German Masters, we also were able to get the cup in the second season of the Battlefield Community League! Before those two leagues started, we managed to get the first place in the NGT FastCUP too! Awesome! All about this cup and why it was such a thrill to us can be looked up here:

But slowly slowly catch the monkey. First things first:

German e-Sports Bundesliga ( DeSBL )

If you want to become the German Masters you have to do some qualifications first. So we did. The qualification started on 5th June 2017. The league was splitt into three random divisions. Holding it short, the first two teams of each division were able to enter the so called „Master League“ where the best teams of Battlefield 1 in domination should come together and fight each other. You can read more about that here:

Unfortunately two good German teams didn’t entered the next step and nobody knows exactly why ( Maybe they have known it would be hard to challenge us, who knows. ) Since this was a league, there were no final match. However for us there was. The game against eMp, which had to play with Gnatix accounts was our final match. We really enjoyed the match and with all the best to eMp. In the end, the score was 5:1 for OctapuzZ.

Battlefield Community League ( BCL )

Were should we start? Well, when BCL officially started and the Join League button was grey, we were no part of the tournament at all. After the first weeks of BCL were over Peno checkt his discord. An admin was asking for a replacement. The team to replace were inactive from the beginning and the admins wanted a fair group phase for all divisions in season two. Faster than a sweet spot kill, we picked the now free slot and were in. A lot of stuff happend until we finally reached the grand final of BCL but we did it.

We had to go against Revelation, a team we knowing for their strength and status as top tier team in the competitive scene. Also we did know, that they busted us out of the PLG Cup right in the first game.  As warm up before the match we played against our friends from RAGE and our motivation became greater to beat Revelation and calling payback time for the PLG thing.

Unfortunately our server got diced twice. The first issue was, that the game stated not with Sinai Desert but with Suez. After the first match going for us, we had to restart the server and the second issue came up. Package loss, high ping and no clan tags. Thankfully we managed to play on the Revelation server then. The second round was a loss. A player got a disconnect and 4/5 against them was not going for us. To keep this short, the next two rounds on Sinai were going to us and we managed a 3:1 win!

You can watch the stream of the match here:

Whats next?

We are still playing in the BSL and the DeSBL starting their Autumn league next week were both German teams will enter in the first division. In addition ESB season two and BFN clan frontlines starting soon!