New Co-Leader

Posted by Dezember 2, 2017 in News

Hey folks!

So last couple of months OctapuzZ was gaining more and more attention in the Battlefield 1 world on console. We participated on a lot of cool tournaments, working hard on our YouTube channel and maintain good contacts with the authorities and many players in the scene but also facing lots of hate from internet kids ( we managed to find out how most of them look a like, haha oh boy… ).

However, with the growth of Octa the hours of work increased and it became a real part time job for me. Now I am currently working on my bachelor thesis in applied computer science, planing my move to a new flat and facing some other private related issues. What comes around goes around and I am currently no longer able to keep up my effort at 110% wich will take a negative effect on Octa.

Clocki – The guy behind social media


Back in the day when Octa was as young as the game was, Clock offered me to help me out in every point I needed him. I much appreciated it and some weeks later, when we decided to create our YouTube Channel, he became responsible for all our social media stuff! But at this point there was no need for a co leader at all. It wasn’t planed for me to make all the things working here by myself but I was still able to back then.

Clocki and me became close friends and we also managed to see us in the great outdoors ( you should try, its great behind the safe walls of your home ) when DeLuXe and me visited him by train in south Germany.

As I wrote above, Octa is consuming a lot of time, which I am currently no longer able to take. So I decided to come back to him, asking if he is still in the mood of becoming a co-leader. He said yes.

He will help me out to organize tournaments, keeping the Octa guys updated with information and remembering them to register on matches in our calendar. Doesn’t sound much huh? But doing it the Octa way is more than you image.



Short interview:

Question: Hey Clocki, first things first mate, how are you?

I am fine thank you! How about you bud?

Question: Great! So let me ask you some questions. What do you think makes you a great co-leader?

The most important thing for me is to make OctapuzZ shining in its best possible light. I know there is a lot of hate out there but this is what happens when you become somehow famous. Moreover I want to make sure to make the best out of our potential. We are still a young team and I think we can reach more than we currently reached like you know „Wow this is one from OctapuzZ“ while playing a completely different game than Battlefield.  This would be awesome! Last but not least: We are a more focused on performance than sympathy here. That’s why we can’t take everyone here with us, even if they are the most nice people ever. BUT, if you manage to get our respect for your performance, we will offer you the nicest gaming family for sure. At this point sympathy is the next key for getting accepted. I want to make sure this family bound will stay as strong as it is now.


Question: Got you. What are your next plans with the responsibility of the co-leader post mate?

You asked me to help you out to manage leagues, that’s what I am going to do next. We know that there are up-coming events from known league also with price money. I am looking forward to get team red into this and of course do my best to get us in the finals! In addition we have a 3 v 3 CoD team now. I think it is not the time to tell more about this, since we are still looking if that works. However I will also put effort into this team.

Question: This sounds amazing! How do you think are the future plans with Battlefield?

Well, we know Battlefield is dying. But there is a chance of keep the fire burning. I am glad, EA and Dice saw the potential in Battlefield. Maybe they only want to get more influence in the FPS competitive scene with it’s AAA title. Anyways, with Incursions I hope the scene will perform a come back. For me speaking I am really hyped for this. EA, please don’t ***** this up!

Question: Same for me. You said something about OctapuzZ went CoD. Tell us something about that.

Well, as I said we are still in tryout phase but we started very well. The team consists of only team red member and we managed to win every scrim and gamebattles we played. Hopefully we stay successfully. For more information about that, I am sure you will write an article about it, when the time comes, am I right? ( laughs )

Questions: Indeed! As I said, I will support CoD, even when I still don’t know if I will move to it. It’s all about working together as a team. Speaking about this, how to you plan to work with me in future?

We will make sure to sort things out to make it working the best for us. Now, when you have a lot to do and afterwards. Speaking for both of us, I guess it will work out great. I admit it’s a huge honor for me to be now a part of the lead for OctapuzZ. I mean most of the time we decide things as a team, for team red speaking. This is how it should be, however I feel great about it, that you give my voice a much much higher weight, which makes me even more happy to be here at #TeamOcta.

Question: We talked about the future of Battlefield and the CoD thing. What is your emergency plan if both games won’t go lit anymore?

We will react as fast as possible to avoid dying with the game we love. So we are a Battlefield competitive team, it should be clear then to focus on Battlefield 2018. There are rumors out there, talking about BF2018 will be released between April ’18 and October ’18. Maybe we don’t need to wait as long as most people might think. Anyways, we will continue playing together as friends which we become over the time here. Somehow we will manage to find scrims anyways and if not, maybe we will move to games without the competitive thoughs. As said, we will continue playing together until the next Battlefield but in a more casual way of gaming.


Question: I think we can expect this from anyone here at OctapuzZ! This could be a nice ending for this interview, but are there any thoughts left in your mind? This is the chance to let them free ( laughs )

Yeah, well I think all parts of the interview covering up everything which was it worth to speak about. But to make the perfect ending, all I can say is: OctapuzZ is one big part in my life. The friends, the gaming, the pressure to become the best of the best all that is I was dreaming about before I came here. We have the potential to become one of the big names. Maybe not today, maybe not next year but I think the time will come! OctapuzZ is truly a matter of heart.

Thank you, Clock. All the best to you! Let it rip!