No More Battlefield

Posted by Februar 20, 2018 in News

We are out!

Hey folks, we have decided to hang up the game that we enjoyed most and which made us well known for the most competitive and casual teams or players. The game became old and boring -> same maps, same teams, same weapons, same rules for over a year now. Moreover, besides from the level of awareness, there was and is nothing to care about. Of course our good friends from BFNations managed to offer some nice price pools, however in the end it were just them to be capable of bring up something interesting, which stands out from other private leagues. This does not mean, we didn’t like any of the other league competitors, but as said there are no major differences between them.

As is usual in most cases, we had our good and bad moments here at Octa Red. We won’t give you a lesson in history now, but looking back on late spring and mid-summer 2017, we were called out as the best Battlefield 1 Domination team out there, winning a double final at NGT fast cup against the current eMp team, which were playing for GnatiX back then. Furthermore, we managed to become official German Masters at the German eSports Bundesliga DeSBL, winning again against eMp in later summer, where we also won the BCL Domination Season two, against our mates from Revelation.

But as said, there were also less good times. After winning against the most powerful teams in domination, we lost track and interest in Battlefield 1. We managed to get some more medals and even won our first prize money, however we couldn’t manage to find any scrims for practicing anymore and with that, there was a lack of fun in the game. We tried out to play Frontlines in a competitive style, mixing up with our second Battlefield team, just barely missing the top three. Soon after, three of our players left the dead game and we were in need to get some new ones. However as the most top tier teams will agree, you can’t just replace a bunch of players and expecting the same strength like the old team was able to.

Now, team red takes a long break of the game, which might be going to be forever. Our second team, team blue, is still playing with a bunch of players and some of us might be helping out in future, but for now: No OctapuzZ Gaming Red in Battlefield anymore.

Future plans!

New banner of OctapuzZ Gaming

So, does this mean OctapuzZ are just waiting to disappear over time at all? Especially our haters, for which we will always have a special place in our heart, might be hoping so. But no, we will just take the next step by leaving Battlefield behind and open the gates for more opportunities by using our gained experience and level of awareness from Battlefield 2017. Encrypted: We are going to build up a fresh gaming-organisation-like brand.

Here is a shortcut from the welcome channel of our Discord server, which sums-up further explanations, on what #TeamOcta is going to be:
[spoiler title=’Open up, if you are interested ‚ style=’steelblue‘ collapse_link=’true‘]

We are not an organization or what you would call a multi-gaming clan. OctapuzZ is the type of team that enables selected team captains to lead and manage their team independently and without the influence of any OctapuzZ managers.
This makes it possible for us to create a high degree of independence among the teams without them being able to block themselves unintentionally in their decisions.
However, under the responsibility of the team captains, we expect each team to enrich the name OctapuzZ Gaming with positive feedback and success. With that, OctapuzZ stands for high performance-oriented e-Sport with no excuses and the expectation to participate in as many tournaments as possible. If this level of performance cannot be reached, a team can be detached from OctapuzZ.


In the upcoming weeks, we will invest our energy in polishing our web page and YouTube channel to prepare them appropriately for our future plans. Will will provide you with interviews of the new and old team captains, new video material and further Octa related news.

Note of thanks

We really like to express our thanks to the following people, which have crossed our path in the course of time and supported us in various ways:

  • Tugsy – BSL Admin, always supporting and answering within 10 minutes, all the best for WSL mate! [Battlefield Super League]
  • Jamppu_FL and the Battle Epic crew – BCL Admin, also fast pace in supporting and big thank you for streaming, even though we couldn’t get many streams together! [Battlefield Community League] [Battle Epic]
  • Anwar – The all great BFnations admin! Thank you so much for you community project and allowing us to play the T8 clans tournament! [BFNations] [FB – BFNations]
  • Keso – BFN Admin, thank you for hanging in with the ticket RoR vs. 8Pz back then! We wish you all the best and hopefully no endless support ticket conversations anymore. [BFNations] [FB – BFNations]
  • Ae_Quitas – BFN Admin, thank you for supporting us in many ways within BFN and non BFN related situations! Unfortunately we couldn’t get you as content provider! [BFNations] [FB – BFNations]
  • deOnkel_386 – DeSBL Admin, always helping out in certain related questions and requests! [DeSBL]
  • TimFox – NGT Admin, never get in contact again after the one and only NGT BF1 cup, thank you anyway for supporting us at our first international tournament! [NGT]
  • Captum and Creezu as eSCL – Caster of eSCL, thank you for your great streams and the pleasure of being part of your YouTube trailer! Great job in doing streams, keep it up! [eSCL]
  • HooLiGaN_Scream and the HooLiGaN team – Leading part of YA, training partners from the very beginning of Battlefield 1. Thank you for all scrims and in the end of our Battlefield days for teaching us some lessons in how we should play again! [yahooligans] [FB – yahooligans]
  • John47 and the Berlin47 team – Leading part of BL47, also training partners from the very beginning and one of the last teams, which did not transform into haters like many others did. Thank you bro! [FB – Berlin47]


Alright then

Thank you for reading folks! I hope you will be still with us, when we leaving the Battlefield for now. Lets see if Incursions is capable enough to reboot the game which we loved to play competitive, also knowing it never was a competitive title.