OctapuzZ Frontlines Team in BFNations

Posted by Oktober 2, 2017 in News

Something new to us

Hey there folks, good to see you again!

As many of you might know, OctapuzZ became a very well known team in Battlefield. Mostly because of our strength, players, organizers and opponents became aware of us while having us in their cups, in their leagues or also possible playing against our first team. However we were a small T5 team and we haven’t seen other game modes in a while. Maybe some rounds of Operations on public too boost our newest members OctapuzZ accounts but we never managed to get further and get a look of the big picture.

This is now over. We will enter the for us all new Battlefield competitive experience of 8v8 Frontlines in the soon starting test cup of the guys from BFNations.com! By any means we are looking forward to this cup with our highest motivation ever for any cup. Even if the second season of ESB starts soon, OctapuzZ is more excited about BFN now! At this point we want to thank Anwar for his engagement and especially for his generosity.

How is the tournament organized

For now, I will just let you a quote of the officially BFNation announcement here:

On October 7th, a seed-tournament will be held, where clans will be able to compete for 36 slots in our league system. The outcomes of the tournament will determine each clans position in the division system. Any clans signing up for participation after the tournament will be placed in a queue, which we will draw from in case of withdrawals. More details on the mini tournament format, and the registration process will be released soon.

Given the nature of the coming incursions game-mode, and the feedback we have had from our members, our clan divisions will be Frontlines 8 vs 8. Roster size will be a minimum of 12 players, and a maximum of 14.

As I wrote before, we are just a small team so how do we get 12 players together? The solution is simple. We have a second team here, which might not all of you international ( not German ) people are aware of. We will create a fusion of us and their best players to become a 12 player team! For more information about our second team you can find the roaster, which might not be updated ( sorry for that ), on our index page!

The tournament will start over the weekend from 7th to 8th October. The teams will gaining points which will be responsible for which of the three divisions they will enter. The real start will be the 20th of October!

Price money!

Okay, not 1.000.000 USD but there are indeed prices to win this time. And not just like a simple online medal in gold with your teams name on it. No this time, like in the BFNations T5 world championships, a team can win all together 900 USD in the first division. Here you go, that is all that we need to know so far:


First division price for 1st place:

  • $500 Cash prize (team)
  • $50 EUR PSN / player
  • Official BFN Shirt
  • Custom engraved trophy

Second division price for 1st place:

  • Promotion to Div 1
  • Official BFN Shirt
  • Battlecoins

Third division price for 1st place:

  • Promotion to Div 2
  • Battlecoins

More information, full prize pools, updates and schedules will be released within short. Stay tuned!

We really looking forward to hopefully become the 1st in the first division to expand our name recognition and to consolidate our position as top tier team! And now, to get you more hyped take a look at the tournament trailer!


At least

All information about the tournament, BFNations and more can be found here at https://www.bfnations.com/frontlines/ and if you have the opportunity don’t miss to join the official Discord server of BFNations! https://discord.gg/KuXefHp ( Click to join )

Thanks for reading! Did we told you, that we soon have a own tournament, a own discord server and a new team? No? Cool, better stay tuned and come back to our page from time to time!